We prefer to run this course paper-free. All assignments should be turned in electronically.

The Warm-Up Project Assignment

    The goal of the warm-up project assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to familiarize yourself with sensor data and write your first probabilistic estimation algorithm. There are highly related research project opportunities that use similar data.

Research Project

    You have to propose a small research project using robot or image data and, optionally, physical robots. The research project has to involve an implementation using real-world data, and a statistical algorithm that should be a variant of the algorithms covered in class. To successfully pass this requirement, you have to submit a written proposal for approval by the instructors. You also have to submit a final project report, which has to address (1) the problem you solved, (2) the statistical technique including its mathematical derivation, and (3) experimental results you obtained using your approach. Ideally, the project covers interesting new ground and might be the basis for a future conference paper submission. Consult with the instructor for identifying interesting and doable research projects.

    Snippets: Every week you must report progress on your project. We will review this progress and send you comments and suggestions. Your snippets will be public to the class, and so will our comments. See policies for details.

    All project snippets and the final report will be publicly available.

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