Research Projects

Project Proposals

Important: Project proposals are now due on Monday, Jan 25 at midnight.

Please email a PDF of your project proposal to There is no page requirement, but be sure to convince us (and more importantly, yourselves) that you have a good understanding of what you are getting in to and how to approach the problem. Please include the following:

  • Title.
  • Authors. (Max of 3).
  • Problem Statement. What are you trying to solve?
  • Data. You must have data in hand at the time you turn in the proposal. Show some of the data with images or links to movies.
  • Approach. How will you solve the problem? Be specific, use math, draw diagrams.
  • Next Steps. What are the concrete actions you will take in the next week to move towards a solution?
If you're looking for a tool to make nice vector graphics, check out Inkscape.

Weekly Project Snippets

Holistic 3D Reconstruction
Morgan Quigley

Tracking Hand Gestures from SwissRanger Depth Data
Sameer Shariff

Object Detection and Tracking through Merging Radar and Camera Data (RadCam)
Mark Baybutt, Jen Dolson

Localization with Cellphone Camera in Pre-Mapped Environment
Joseph Huang, David Millman, Richard Roesler

Indoor Localization using Cell Phone Sensors
Anand Atreya, Etienne Le Grand, and Nicole Rodia

Vision Guided Precision Landing
Conrad Murphy, Aaron Rosekind, Kim Shish

Removing Background from LIDAR Images
Rahul Agarwal, Danny Jachowski

Outdoor Monocular Visual SLAM
Mike Styer

Building a map from sensors data
Michel Aoun

3D Priors for Model Completion of Novel Cars
Dave Jackson

Pedestrian and Bicyclist Tracking
Nathan Howard, Ivan Papusha

Snippets Guidelines

The goals of keeping project snippets are to record your weekly progress, show off cool results, and store media for easy future use. Date each entry, and make it clear what content was added when. Snippets documents will be publicly available - check out what other people in the class are doing above.

Please include video or other media as much as possible. This will make your life much easier when you make a presentation and final report, and is generally a good habit to be in for any project you do. Video can't be embedded directly in a Google Doc, but links to YouTube are just fine. For extensive math, you'll probably want to use Latex - in this case, you can upload your personal pdfs to Google Docs, and link to them from the snippets document.

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